I have had the privilege of meeting and getting to know Emmy Love as a serious young horsewoman who is talented and motivated to bring her best to the horses in her care and the students she works with. She is honest and humble in the pursuit of her own education. I continue to admire her intelligence, intense focus and her open willing attitude towards horses and life.

-Barb Gerbitz, Tampico IL

I was fortunate to meet Emmy right when I was getting back into horses after several years away from them. I had bought a green, off the track thoroughbred to train in dressage and mounted archery. When I arrived at my new boarding barn, I was told about Emmy’s background in dressage and natural horsemanship. I began taking lessons with her since I knew I would be a bit rusty from my years off. At that time, I could not imagine how much she would change my relationship with horses. I have a background in dressage, hunters, and a style of natural horsemanship that I now consider “harsh.” I approached horses with a leader/follower mentality.  Thanks to Emmy, I now have a true partnership with my horse. She helped teach me how to calmly and effectively communicate with my horse. Emmy taught me how to work with a horse’s mind, not just its body, which is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. As part of my journey to work with the horse’s mind, Emmy agreed to teach me how to ride bridleless, something I had always wanted to learn. The feeling of riding a horse that is fully invested in you is an amazing experience I wish all riders would have. When my mare had to be retired due to an old race injury, I bought a young Friesian gelding. He was completely unlike any of the other horses I have worked with in my past. He was barely broke, incredibly emotional, and easily overwhelmed. Emmy helped to teach me how to work with his personality in a way that instilled trust, rather than fear and confusion. Emmy is truly passionate about horses. Her calm and friendly manner instills trust in the horses she works with and they enjoy partnering with her. Additionally, she is an enthusiastic champion for her students and their horses. She is eager to help you achieve your goals and celebrates each step you make towards them. Emmy has helped redefine my relationship with horses. I feel so thankful that she came into my life and I can never repay her for teaching me how to truly work with my horse.

-Jessica O'Quin

Alpharetta, GA

Emmy Love is a kind, compassionate rider that will always put the horse first. Emmy will teach you about the respectful boundaries, help you improve your position and build a better relationship between you and your horse. She is devoted to her horses and her horses want to be around her simply because she makes them feel good about their job.

-Alicia Landman, Nashville TN

I would like to give my endorsement of Emmy Love as an enthusiastic, dedicated and knowledgeable horsewoman. I wish her all the best as she begins her own journey in her own business. It is always exciting to see someone who is a true advocate for the horse come into this business.

-Troy Powell, Mt Juliet TN