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Welcome to Love Dressage & Horsemanship, where the focus is on the relationship between rider and horse. My journey with horses began at a young age when I joined 4-H, and since then, I have found joy in the rhythmic dance between rider and horse. By my teens, I had become deeply immersed in the world of Dressage, where the connection between rider and horse is most profound.


As the founder of Love Dressage & Horsemanship, I bring a unique perspective to horse training. At the age of 18, I was given the transformative opportunity of joining an Equestrian Performing Arts Academy in Southern France. There, I trained in Roman Riding, Trick Riding, Liberty, Dressage, and Ground Acrobatics. This immersive experience completely changed my life. After my time in France, I became a performer with what was once the world’s largest traveling show, Odysseo by Cavalia.


My job was to work with multiple horses in multiple disciplines, and then perform with them in front of 2000 people. My approach is rooted in the belief of treating every horse as an individual and investing the time and effort to form a trust-based relationship with each one. I believe that training should be an enjoyable, positive experience for both the horse and their caregiver.



As a student of the horse and an instructor to people, I am constantly looking for that connection between horse and human to achieve any goal in mind. I proudly continue my personal education and journey with my own horses by studying philosophies of other horsemen and horsewomen in our industry.


Today, at 30 years old, I engage in this work because I love being around horses. Working with people who own their own horses, I aim to help them achieve a stronger relationship with their equine companions in a comfortable setting. From covering the fundamentals to pursuing specific goals, I find immense satisfaction in watching horse owners problem-solve with their horses, discovering answers and strengthening the bond between them.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the horse world or an experienced rider, I can help give you those tools to create a stronger relationship with your horse, no matter the discipline.

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