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The decision to move abroad completely changed my life! After 18 months as a student, I was ready to become a performer in the world's largest traveling show, Odysseo by Cavalia. I worked with horse men and women from all over the world and with horses who gave us their heart everyday. I built a relationship with each horse so we could perform together in front of 2,000 people on the big stage.


I grew up in Northern Michigan and competed Regionally in Dressage until I was 18. Dressage gave me butterflies in the saddle because I was able to dance with my horse!

When I was 18 I had the opportunity to move to Southern France to become a student in an Equestrian Performing Arts Academy where I trained in Roman Riding, Trick Riding, Liberty, Dressage and Ground Acrobatics. 


From early on horses were my outlet and my passion and now this is what I do for "work". Now at 29 years old, I can proudly say that I do this work because I love being around horses who continue to teach me, and I enjoy meeting new horse people and hearing about their goals and stories.


As a student of the horse and an instructor to people, I am constantly looking for that connection between horse and human to achieve any goal in mind.

I love giving people the tools they need to problem solve situations that will better the relationship they have with their horse.

Let's ride together!

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